We want to tell you all about us...

Hi, nice to meet you. Some people have asked us who we are and why we do what we do, so we thought we’d tell you a bit about ourselves.

We like giving stuff away. It’s that simple! Whether its free online prize competitions, prize draws or sweepstakes, bringing them to you is our passion.

We provide great prizes for you to enter to win, and you can come back every day to enter again (once a day) and increase your chance of being our winner.

We don't sell you contact info to anyone - when you register, you get to tell us if you'd like regular news and competition updates (you can say no if you'd like!) so (other than using your email to let you know if you've won) you'd only get an email from us if you'd signed up to our newsletter.

Some people have asked, what’s the catch – well, there isn’t one. We put prizes on the site for you to win, you click to win free prizes, we randomly select a winner (well, actually our computer does it for us) and we send you the prize.

Tips and tricks to increase your chance of winning:-

  1. Come back every day to enter

  2. Bookmark our site so we are easy to find

  3. Try using us when you’re on the train going to work, drinking coffee with your friends or even sat on the toilet – basically whenever you have some spare time and fancy winning some great stuff

  4. Tell your friends about us as the more people we get entering, the more prizes we can offer

  5. Follow us on Twitter @dailyclicktowin where, as well as getting updates about new competitions and end dates, we also run Twitter only competitions to give away even more prizes

  6. Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/dailyclicktowin where again, you can keep up to date with new competitions and end dates and get access to Facebook only prizes

So that’s us. Crazy competition prize draw and sweepstake people who want to spread some prize winning joy to the world! If you want to know more about us, or have some specific questions, please try our FAQ and Contact Us pages and remember to come back again tomorrow for another chance to win.

Oh, and because we LOVE giving things away, just for coming to our ‘About Us’ page, below is a special £10 Debenhams prize draw that you can enter!

The iWon Team

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